Western - Barn Siding Backdrop

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This Barn Siding Backdrop is a great wall decoration to get your guests ready for a rootin' tootin' square dance or just any western themed party. Each backdrop measures 4 feet high, so if you purchase two of these backdrops you can cover an entire eight foot wall from top to bottom.

Product Features

  • Design printed on thin plastic sheet
  • Gives the look of weathered wood to any wall
  • Measures 4 feet tall and 30 feet long
  • Purchase two of these to cover a standard wall height of 8 feet
  • Attach to the wall with pins or tape
  • Purchase two barn siding backdrops and stack on top of each other to cover a full eight (8) foot wall
  • One (1) per package
  • Note: Sample picture above contains details (windows, doors, roof) that were hand-painted by the customer
  • Can also be used for Farm themes, Wood themes, Rail road themes etc.