Under The Sea - Marine Life Props

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A shark, an eel, and a sting ray! These are just some of the marine animals you will receive in the Marine Life Props. The Marine Life animals are printed on a clear plastic sheet, and you'll cut them out and place them on your wall with double sided tape or thumbtacks. You can place these Marine Life Props on the wall or place them on the Undersea Backdrop and the Ocean Floor Border.

Product Features

  • Marine animal designs are printed on a thin plastic sheet
  • Attach to the wall with pins and tape
  • Props range in size from 6 inches to 51 inches
  • Shark measures 51" x 32"
  • Eel measures 34" x 20"
  • Stingray measures 32" x 26"
  • Crab measures 22" x 11.5"
  • Sixteen (16) pieces per package