Under The Sea - Jointed Octopus

Under The Sea - Jointed Octopus

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At an under the sea theme party, it's important to decorate with creatures that you would see if you were scuba diving in the Coral Reef!

The beloved octopus deserves a spot at the party and there's no better decoration than our Jointed Octopus! It measures 32 inches, comes completely assembled and is jointed!

Go ahead and pose his arms how you'd like! You can even let the young scuba divers and nautical enthusiasts take a turn posing our Jointed Octopus. It's fun for everyone!

Product Features

  • Fully assembled and jointed octopus cutout printed on card stock
  • Printed on one side only - backside is white
  • Measures approximately 32 inches wide and 28 inches high
  • Dimensions will vary upon placement of arms
  • Comes one (1) per package