Space - Starry Night Backdrop  SOLD OUT

Space - Starry Night Backdrop SOLD OUT

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Star bright, star light, look at all these stars in the sky tonight! Use this Starry Night Backdrop as a quick and easy way to decorate your wall. This scene setter is a black, star-filled sky that fades down to a deep purple, which makes it a perfect color of dusk. This Starry Night Backdrop is made of a thin plastic material. It can be cut and shaped to fill your own unique decorating space.

This is a great item to use for Hollywood or Awards Night party. It would also work well if you are doing a space theme. You could consider this backdrop if you are looking for a great-looking and easy prop to use for plays; or if you just want something to help set the mood of your party.

Use the Skyline Backdrop with the Starry Night Backdrop for an authentic Hollywood night scene. Or if you only want to see stars, and cover an entire eight foot wall, you will need two of the Starry Night Backdrops and match one on top of the other.

For an eight foot city scene use this Starry Night Backdrop with the Cityscape Backdrop to create a city night scene.

Product Features

  • Measures: (48) inches tall by (30) feet long
  • Made of thin plastic that can be cut to fit your specific needs
  • Attach to walls with double sided tape or thumbtacks
  • One (1) per package