Rock-It Portable Sign Post

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Plastic square sign post with a plastic sand fillable base. Great for curbside signs, handicap parking spots, no parking, or online pick-up areas.

Available in two sizes, 18"W and 24"W Bases

Takes 1 -3 weeks for delivery

Thick walled plastic base
  • Comes in two sizes, 18" W and 24" W
  • Won't chip, crack, or crumble like concrete
  • Large fill hole for sand
  • Bases are Black

60" or 72" plastic square sign post
  • Comes in white and black
  • More durable and stable than round post
  • Has reinforcing internal cross bars
  • No sign twisting that happens with round posts
  • Pre-drilled holes for multiple sign sizes

  • Durable plastic wheels

Hardware included

• For attaching sign
• Zinc plated

Made in the U.S.A.

Signs sold Separately