Princess - Meadow Backdrop

Princess - Meadow Backdrop

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Transform a simple wall into a lush field with this Meadow Backdrop. A perfect setting for a princess birthday party, spring themed event, or anytime you're trying to make your indoor party look like an outside party. Kids will run up to it thinking they can kick their shoes off and run through the field and adults will jealous their yard doesn't look like this.

It's great if you live in the city and need a way to add some nature to your home. Combine it with the sky backdrop and it will instantly transform an 8 foot wall into a cheerful meadow scene.

Product Features

  • Meadow design is printed on a thin plastic sheet
  • Attach to your walls with pins, tape, or party stick mounting tape
  • Measures 4 feet high and 30 feet long
  • One (1) per package