Ocean and Sky Backdrop

Ocean and Sky Backdrop

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You'll feel like you're really sailing on the ocean blue with our realistic Ocean and Sky Backdrop hanging on your wall. An ocean and sky backdrop can help you create a cruise ship theme anywhere and for any occasion.

Use it as the perfect decoration for a retirement party, birthday party, or prom theme.

It's easy to use and won't break your budget. Simply hang it on a wall using tape or party stick mounting tape and combine it with the Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop. When these two pieces are put together they can cover an entire 8 foot wall and it stretches a full 30 feet long.

Product Features

  • Ocean and Sky Backdrop is perfect for cruise ship theme parties
  • Size: four (4) feet tall and thiry (30) feet wide
  • Printed in full color on a large, thin sheet of plastic that you can pin or tape to your wall
  • One (1) per package