Pirate - Dueling Pirate and Bandits

Pirate - Dueling Pirate and Bandits

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This set of three large pirate Inta-Theme add-ons can be used with the Beach Backdrop as part of the complete Pirate Insta-Theme, or you can just put them on a solid white wall to use them as pirate decorations.

Each package includes three sets of decorations with four total pirates. Two of the pirates are standing holding weapons ready for action, while two pirates have already engaged in sword play. Each pirate is printed in color on a thin sheet of plastic and can be attached to your wall with pins or tape.

Product Features

  • Measure 33 inches tall and 11 1/2 inches wide
  • Printed on thin plastic sheets
  • Attach to wall or Blue Sky Ocean Backdrop with tape or pins
  • Three (3) props per package