Military - Camo Backdrop

Military - Camo Backdrop

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Need to hide your plain old walls? Camouflage them with a Camo Backdrop and your guests will think they've entered another world. Have fun going into hiding where no can find you when the Camo Backdrop is used. The Camo Backdrop is just perfect for all of you hunters out their that like to blend in. Use the Camo Background to decorate a bedroom to give the room a real outdoors feel. The Camo Backdrop is decorated in shades in different shades of green, and tans. The Camo Backdrop can be attached to a wall and cut easily to the desired size that is needed.

Product Features

  • Design is printed on a thin plastic sheet
  • Attach to walls with pins, tape, or party stick mounting tape
  • Measures 4 feet high and 30 feet long
  • Purchase (two) of these to cover a standard wall height of 8 feet.
  • One (1) per package