Jungle - Jungle Animal Props

Jungle - Jungle Animal Props

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In the Jungle (the mighty jungle), the little Jungle the elephant, tiger, giraffe, zebra, gorilla, and snake are out and about and ready for a little party.

Add these Jungle Animal props to the Jungle Foliage Backdrop, and the Jungle Trees Backdrop for any Vacation Bible School Jungle theme, Baby Shower, or Jungle theme birthday party.

The Jungle Animals are printed on a clear plastic sheet, which is meant to be cut out and placed onto a smooth, flat surface. You can use double sided tape, thumbtacks or the Party Stick Mounting Tape to stick the animals on your wall.

You'll receive a total of six animals in a package.

Product Features

  • Each package includes (6) props
  • Material: Printed on Thin Clear Plastic Material
  • Measures: Giraffe: (5) feet (4) inches tall by (17) inches wide
  • Gorilla: (15) inches tall by (18-1/2) inches wide from fist to fist
  • Zebra: (22) inches tall by (19-1/2) inches wide
  • Snake: (17) inches tall by (14) inches wide
  • Elephant: (3) feet (6) inches wide by (2) feet (7) inches tall
  • Tiger: (23) inches wide by (27) inches tall
  • Animals include tiger, gorilla, elephant, snake, zebra, and giraffe
  • Jungle Animal Props are not free standing