Farm - Barn Loft Door & Hay Bale Props

Farm - Barn Loft Door & Hay Bale Props

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Complete you're On the Farm look by placing these Barn Loft Door & Hay Bale Props on top of one of the Barn Siding Backdrops we offer. These props are perfect when decorating for a hoedown or Western themed party where square dancing will be the main event!

The classic look of the Barn Loft Door will make your guests feel as though they entered an old red barn from out west. The Hay Bale Props will take everyone outside to the country where they can tip their hats and chew on a piece of straw.

With all of the beautiful detail and dimension, some of your guests might think the bales are real so make sure no one tries to sit down on one or else they will fall right to the floor.

There are a total of six (6) props per package: two (2) barn loft doors and four (4) hay bales. To put them up, just cut them out of the thin plastic sheets and either pin or tape them to a wall.

Product Features

  • Printed on a thin sheet of plastic
  • Hay Bales measures (15) inches tall and (31.5) inches long
  • Barn Doors measures (32) inches tall and (32.5) inches across
  • Six (6) props per package