Farm - Barn Door Props

Farm - Barn Door Props

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If you are throwing a good ole' hoedown these Barn Door Props are a must when it comes to decorating! Place these props on a wall over the Barn Siding Backdrop, or put each on actual doors to make it seem as though they are entering a barn. Your guests will feel as though they are walking into a Western party pulled straight from a country farm.

There is nothing that shouts country more than a red barn, and these Barn Door Props will give that effect immediately. They are made of thin plastic sheets so they are easy to handle and can be put up with some tape or pins.

Each door measures approximately thirty-two (32) inches wide by sixty-four (64) inches tall, which will cover most of a standard sized door.

Product Features

  • Printed on a thin sheet of plastic
  • Barn doors measure thirty-two and a half (32 1/2) inches by sixty-four (64) inches