Crowd Control - Crowcade

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6’ durable plastic parade barricade that is easy to set up and store.

Each Barricade is 74" L x 39.5" H

If ordering more than 250 email for bulk pricing. 

Items take 1-3 weeks to deliver. 

6'L Plastic barricade

  • Double wall, thick panel
  • Sturdy and durable

Plastic legs with rubber feet

  • Rubber feet are securely attached
  • Made of recycled rubber

Feet rotate for stacking

Stacking lugs on panels

  • Keep units from sliding while stacked

Tamper resistant linking bracket

  • In-line barricades won't pull apart

Units pivot on linking brackets

  • Allows for various configurations
  • Adjusts to uneven ground

Panels accept striped sheeting

  • Both sides of barricade

Holes for bolting signs

Made in the U.S.A.