Castle - Stone Wall Backdrop

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This high resolution, top quality photo realistic stone wall backdrop looks just like a real stone wall. The uses for this are endless including a castle backdrop, a dungeon backdrop, creating the mood for your next RPG session, or just for decorating a room in an old style stone theme.

At 4 feet high and 30 feet wide you can cover a large area. Purchase two of these backdrops to cover an eight foot wall or purchase the Dirt Floor Backdrop to use as the lower half of a wall backdrop.

Product Features

  • Measures 4 feet tall and 30 feet wide, this highly detailed, high quality backdrop is made of thin plastic that can be cut and shaped to your specific needs
  • This stone wall scene is perfect for decorating a room for a dungeon or castle theme or setting the mood for your next RPG session.
  • Sold One (1) per package, buy two stone wall backgrounds to cover a wall 8 feet tall and 30 feet wide or combine with the Dirt Floor Backdrop for the full dungeon effect. You can also use this to create the look of a princess castle backdrop or as a medieval backdrop.
  • Add the Stairway, Window & Torch props to make it look like a castle or dungeon.