Castle - Castle Door and Window Props

Castle - Castle Door and Window Props

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Tis' most splendid to use this Castle Door and Window Props on your wall; or on the Dirt Floor Backdrop, and the Stone Wall Backdrop, creating a castle entryway.

The Castle Door and Window Props are printed on a clear sheet of plastic material. After you cut them out you'll want to place them on your wall or a backdrop with double sided tape or thumbtacks. What a great way to create your plain ordinary wall or room into a late Medieval castle entrance.

Product Features

  • Nine (9) props per package
  • Printed on thin sheets of plastic material
  • Tall thin windows: measure sixteen (16) inches tall by six (6) inches wide
  • Square windows: measure seventeen (17) inches tall by twelve (12) inches wide
  • Entryway: measures sixty-three (63) inches tall by thirty-six (36) inches wide (with two pieces together)