American - Patriotic Stars Backdrop

American - Patriotic Stars Backdrop

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Combine this Patriotic Stars Backdrop with the Patriotic Stripes Backdrop to transform your room into a massive American flag. This backdrop is perfect for a campaign venue and a large 4th of July party.

The white stars and blue background is printed on a thin plastic material that can easily be put up with tape or pins. Elections are practically always occurring, so make sure to have this Patriotic Stars Backdrop readily available to decorate with when speeches are given and any part of the campaign is filmed.

Each sheet is four (4) feet tall and thirty (30) feet long, and when you combine it with the red and white stripe backdrop, you will have enough to turn your entire wall into an American flag.

Product Features

  • Printed on a thin sheet of plastic
  • Measures four (4) feet by thirty (30) feet long
  • One (1) backdrop per package