50's - Jointed Carhop

50's - Jointed Carhop

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Who wouldn't want this Jointed Carhop named Betty to serve them food at their local drive in. She is made of cardstock material and printed on one side. She has brass fasteners joining her so you can position her to stand, or skate with her tray of food.

Hang her on any door or wall, she measures thirty eight inches tall. Use the Jointed Carhop at your next 50's Rock N Roll theme party. Pair up the Jointed Carhop with the Jointed Greaser. Together they will be dynamite!

Product Features

  • Measures: Thirty-eight (38) inches
  • Material: Cardstock
  • Printed on one (1) side
  • Item is not free standing
  • One (1) per package