These rolls are 50# heavy weight butcher paper 4ft x 50ft each. Bulletin board paper rolls.

Fadeless solid colors - Bulletin board paper
Fadeless Colored Paper Rolls

If you need paper that is going to be long lasting, recyclable, and will not fade its colors on you, then you should look into getting the fadeless colored paper rolls. These rolls of paper that average about fifty feet, are great for classrooms, offices, boardrooms, and more. This is because the paper itself will not fade color on you and you can use it for a long time without needing to replace it. There are a wide variety of colors; from black all the way to pink and purple. It can be used as just a solid backdrop for anything to actually being used for arts and crafts. You can keep your childís artwork on the wall for years and not have to worry about it looking old and faded.

The paper itself is also very strong and resistant to tears, which means itís great for kids who can get a little wild when being creative. Not to mention, if you needed to wrap something as a gift, the paper would hold up as wrapping paper, plus, it would always stay the same color.

Because you buy the fadeless colored paper in rolls, they store easily in a closet or a box, and you never have to worry about losing them in a mess of a storage room.

The options are limitless with Fadeless Paper! With over 50 years of experience Fadeless is the premier, ultra fade-resistant bulletin board paper. Its bold, vibrant colors and acid-free qualities help it last for long periods of time and its durable construction makes it suitable for many arts and crafts projects. Fadeless paper is strong for folding, cuts cleanly and wonít crack. From solid backdrops to 3-dimensional paper sculptures, Fadeless Paper is the ultimate choice.

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