70's Disco Party Supplies and Decorations

Get down and get groovy with our assortment of 70’s disco theme party supplies and decorations so you can create your own disco theme party! You won't need to spend a lot to create an absolutely radical disco theme party with our far out disco theme products! Our disco party supplies will help you to turn any room into your own mini disco inferno.

Far out 70's slang, can you dig it?

  • Skinny - the real deal about something.
  • Can You Dig It - do you understand?
  • Far Out - cool
  • That's Sick! - odd or unusual things.
  • The Man - any authority
  • To The Max! - the best that it can be.
  • Like - used to start just about every sentence.
  • You Know - used at the end of nearly every sentence . . . you know?
  • Book, booking - leave, usually quickly
  • Catch You On The Flip-side - see you later.
  • Chill, Be Cool - relax
  • Fab - fabulous
  • Get down, boogie - dance
  • Right on! - shows agreement
  • Cats - people
  • Cool - good, great
  • Sweet - even better than Cool
  • Awesome - even better than Sweet

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