UltraBoard Barrier Micro is an all-plastic corrugated barrier that is ideal for school desktops and educational institutions. Micro barriers are completely sanitizable.
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Case Quantity - 25 Barriers
Made in the USA
Made with PETG Plastic
These items cannot be returned as they are made to order.

Classroom Desktop Barriers
The Barrier Micro provides an excellent COVID-19 shield between pupils and instructors and also provides a protective and sanitary barrier between classmates. Acting as a cough shield or sneeze guard, the barrier can greatly assist in the reduction of transmission of COVID-19 on college and school campuses; and is an excellent cost alternative to more expensive acrylic barrier solutions.

* UltraBoard Barriers are completely constructed of plastic and may be sanitized for ongoing use.
* UltraBoard Barriers are constructed of a lightweight and durable foam core sheet with a clear and rigid plastic window; making them lightweight and much more affordable than expensive Plexiglass or acrylic COVID barriers. Especially for large-scale installation where cost and ease of replacement is a concern.
*OSHA’s guide for preparing businesses for COVID-19 recommends that workplaces with medium exposure risk to COVID-19 may install physical barriers or plastic sneeze guards to help aid in the prevention of transmission.

The Benefits of PETG Plastic

PETG is strong and cost-effective when compared to either acrylic or polycarbonate. Its unique characteristics make it preferable for impact-resistant glazing and high strength display units. Suitable for digital printing, PETG lends itself to product materials, displays, and signage.

In general, PETG is a food-safe plastic that's commonly used for food containers and bottles for liquid beverages. Like acrylic and many other thermoplastics, PETG is fully recyclable.

PETG is both thermoformable and vacuum-formable, and can tolerate a tremendous amount of pressure without cracking. Although PETG is naturally clear, it takes color easily during processing. It can be injection molded into a variety of shapes, or extruded into sheets.

PETG's damage resistance is far higher than that of acrylic, to the point that it rivals the impact resistance of polycarbonate. However, PETG fabricates easily, making it an easy material for both practitioners and professional fabricators.

Classroom Desktop Barriers Small 1 Window
$20.00, 25/$337.50, 100/$1,200.00
Classroom Desktop Barriers Large 1 Window
$20.00, 25/$337.50, 100/$1,200.00
Barrier Clips
Classroom Desktop Barriers 3 Windows Large
$30.00, 25/$500.00, 100/$1,750.00
Classroom Desktop Barriers 3 Windows Small
$500.00, 4/$1,750.00
School Clear Shields
$75.00, 50/$3,000.00
Classroom Desktop Barrier X 4 Windows
$50.00, 10/$400.00, 100/$3,500.00
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