Heavyweight double sided paper.

36" X 1000' Heavyweight colored butcher paper
36 x 1000ft colored butcher paper rolls Heavyweight

If you are looking for recyclable paper that can be used for just about anything you could ever need it for, colored butcher paper that comes in rolls, and heavy weight, is one of the best things to buy. The paper is great for arts and crafts or it can be used for moving and transportation, or wrapping. It is so versatile, anyone can benefit from having it in the house or school. For arts and crafts purposes, you would want to get it in one of the many spectacular colors that it comes in. With everything from aqua to dark purple, your classroom and your school can show off their pride with banners of your school colors. With two different sides, you can use one for painting and one for markers. It is a great alternative to just having white paper in the class.

If on the other hand, you want it for wrapping and transporting, the heavy weight paper is great for this. Because it is much harder to tear, you can wrap and pack many different items in it and not have to worry about something breaking or scratching surfaces because there is a tear. The heavy weight colored butcher paper rolls saves you from many mishaps.

The leading, heavyweight Duo-Finish Kraft Paper that is both durable and versatile. A heavyweight paper manufactured with a special process giving it strength. Resilient to tears and punctures, making it perfect for a wide range of art and display projects. A smooth side that is ideal for felt pens, finger painting and fine line drawing. The other side has a superior toothy surface which handles chalk, tempera, watercolor or acrylic paints. Recyclable.

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