36" X 1000FT EACH ROLL COMES PRE-PACKED IN IT'S OWN BOX. Lightweight paper. The colors are representations only, We did our best to get as close to the color as possible.

36" X 1000ft Colored butcher paper doubled sided lightweight
36 x 1000ft colored butcher paper rolls lightweight

There are many different styles of colored butcher paper rolls. Some are very heavy duty and durable, others are more light weight. There are some that come in a variety of different colors and sizes. It all depends on what it is that you need and what you want to use it for. The rolls of paper that are 1000 feet long are great for classroom or places that put up a lot of banners because it will last for a while, and they store really well.

These colored butcher paper rolls are a light weight paper that is great for coloring, poster making, or any other type of arts and craft project. One side is rough so it is perfect to use for paints, chalks, or tempura. While the other side is smoother and great for pens, markers, and some other types of paint.

These rolls come in a variety of different colors, with everything from royal blue, orange, green, and even pink. You will never run out of ideas of use this paper for, with all of the wonderful and fun colors you can buy. Your classroom will be one of the best decorated in the school! Plus, you will save space on storage because they come in rolls.

This product is a light weight Duo-Finish paper. The smooth side is ideal for felt pen, finger painting, and fine line drawing. The other side has a "toothy" surface which handles chalk, tempra, watercolor, and acrylic paints. All rolls fit standard rack dispensers. Recyclable. ArtCraft Paper.

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